Another week, another title changed hands.  This time it was BYU pulling another miraculous late-game victory and taking the Mountain West Middleweight Belt from Boise State.  Originally, we overlooked BYU and did not note that as a title defense for the Broncos.  It was and it ended up being costly.  BYU will defend the title this season when they take on San Jose State in November.

As for this week, every in-play Battle Belt is up for grabs this week while the first Unified Conference Belt title defense of 2015 will take place in Tuscaloosa.  There will be a champion versus champion game in Columbus when Northern Illinois visits Ohio State.

Week 3 Battle Belt Defenses:

  • ACC: Florida State (c) at Boston College [22nd defense of current reign]
  • American: Temple (c) at Massachusetts [second defense of current reign]
  • Big Ten: Northern Illinois at Ohio State (c) [third defense of current reign]
  • MAC: Northern Illinois (c) at Ohio State [third defense of current reign]
  • SEC: Mississippi at Alabama (c) [fifth defense of current reign]
  • Sun Belt: Georgia State at Oregon (c) [first defense of current reign]

Week 3 Unified Conference Belt Defenses:

  • SEC: Mississippi at Alabama (c) [second defense of current reign]

Week 2 Results

  • ACC Battle Belt: Florida State successfully defended against South Florida
  • American Battle Belt: Temple successfully defended against Cincinnati
  • Big Ten Battle Belt: Ohio State successfully defended against Hawai’i
  • Mountain West Middleweight Belt: Boise State lost to BYU
  • SEC Battle Belt: Alabama successfully defended against Middle Tennessee State

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