About Uncle Popov

There is always one.  Maybe it is that crazy uncle who parks himself on the couch in front of another Lions’ Thanksgiving Day massacre while everyone else is stuffing their faces with dead bird and Aunt Mae’s mystery casserole.  Or maybe it is that guy at the corner of the bar — sucking down dollar drafts and randomly making comments about the sport being shown on the dive’s big screen.  Yes, we all know an opinionated sports guy that thinks they know all and just has to share his views with you!

This blog represents that crazy person.  “Uncle Popov” is not real — well, at least as far as this site goes.  The Uncle represents our sports opinions.  The key word here is “opinion” as while we will reference facts and stats, we are simply offering our own viewpoints on various sports and sports news.  And while our opinions might not be “correct,” it is our blog and we believe it to be correct.  Besides, what is “correct” anyway?  Is it not simply a social construction based on ESPN and FSR and sports information directors and coaches and athletes manipulating what we hear and read and see?

What we write might not be original or insightful or a new angle, but we will try and what we write is our original thoughts [not to say that others will not come up with the same thought].  We might not be funny, but we will try and besides it is at least amusing to us and that is what matters.  And we might not make sense or we might make wild observations, but is that not the point of a “drunken” sports rant?  Does that guy in the bar working on his ninth PBR make sense?

So take anything and everything that we write with a grain of salt…or a shot of Popov.  Comment freely.  And thank you for reading!

–Uncle Popov


A quick note on the photos used on here.  Many times we use photos that are available freely online via a simple web search.  However, many other photos are obtained from the website Daylife, which hosts images from Getty Images, AP, and Reuters, just to name a few.  Those companies own the rights to their respective photos and is used here under fair use doctrine.