About Our Writers

Uncle Popov

Formerly known as “Amish Athletics,” Uncle Popov is the lead writer and site administrator here at the Drunken Sports Rant.  He took over this handle due to the fact that he has published a majority of all articles here.

His articles vary in topic and range across all sports.  Sports form a portion of his dissertation and academic research and he slips some of that research into the articles here.  Additionally, sports have been a part of his life since he was a child, watching college and professional football with his father and then finding interests in other sports as he grew up.

Uncle Popov is not a professional sportswriter.  He did not play professionally, although he did play college football…in Japan.  He is simply a guy who loves sports and enjoys writing about it.

Uncle Popov is an assistant professor (yes, a “doctor”) at Alabama State University and currently lives near Montgomery, Alabama.  His favorite teams are the Alabama Crimson Tide, Ottawa Senators, Tampa Bay Rays, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Articles by Uncle Popov appear erratically, but he attempts to publish at least an article a week.  Articles written here are often republished at the Bleacher Report, where Uncle Popov previously wrote exclusively.


Well, speaking of being erratic, jubbo will pop up every now and then.  Co-founder of this site, jubbo seems like he is a deadbeat blogger.

He is nomadic, having last lived in Chicago. He spent last Fall floating around Illinois, Indiana and Alabama before spending the entirety of the Winter in Northeast Florida playing golf, drinking profusely and realizing that there are actual Jacksonville Jaguars fans in existence. Currently jubbo is back in Northeast Florida, mostly working and playing golf (and drinking).

He has an affinity for Chicago sports as well as the University of Kentucky and his alma mater, the University of Alabama. Brass tacks: if forced to choose, his absolute favorite team in the world is probably the Chicago Bears. Probably


Rabbit joined in 2010 claiming he was going to shock the world with his articles.  If by “shock” he meant not writing, well…at least he tried.  Maybe one day he will drop some knowledge.  He currently resides near Birmingham, Alabama and loves Alabama football.  He also supports UAB basketball.