CONFERENCE BELTS: Week 6 (late) Primer

Missed a week and nearly missed this week.  But, we are on it.  And, some changes occurred.  Northern Illinois lost another belt, dropping the Unified MAC Belt to Central Michigan.  The Huskies now lost both of its titles that it carried coming into the season.  Meanwhile, Mississippi lost to Florida, dropping its title as the Undisputed SEC Champion [holder of both the Unified and Battle belts].  The Gators defend the Battle Belt this weekend versus Missouri, which has yet to qualify for the Unified Belt.

Let’s look at this week’s slate, which is pretty full.

Week 6 Unified Conference Belt Defenses:

  • ACC: Miami (FL) at Florida State (c) [14th defense of their tenth reign]
  • Big 12: TCU (c) at Kansas State [fourth defense of their first reign]
  • Conference USA: Southern Miss at Marshall (c) [second defense of their first reign]
    • Marshall defeated Southern Miss on Friday 9 October
  • MAC: Central Michigan (c) at Western Michigan [first defense of their 13th reign]
  • Mountain West: Boise State (c) at Colorado State [fourth defense of their second reign]
  • Pac 12: Washington State at Oregon (c) [sixth defense of their 16th reign]

Week 6 Battle Belt Defenses:

  • ACC: Miami (FL) at Florida State (c) [21st defense of fifth reign]
  • American: Tulane at Temple (c) [fourth defense of first reign]
  • Big Ten: Maryland at Ohio State (c) [sixth defense of 19th reign]
  • SEC: Florida (c) at Missouri [first defense of 12th reign]

Week 6 Middleweight Belt Defense:

  • Sun Belt: Appalachian State (c) at Georgia State [fifth defense of first reign]

Week 4 Results

  • Unified Big 12 Belt: TCU successfully defended against Texas Tech
  • Big Ten Battle Belt: Ohio State successfully defended against Western Michigan
  • MAC Battle Belt: Ohio State successfully defended against Western Michigan
  • Undisputed SEC Championship [Unified and Battle Belts]: Mississippi successfully defended against Vanderbilt
  • Southern Heritage Belt: Duke successfully defended against Georgia Tech
  • Southwest Heritage Belt: Texas A&M successfully defended against Arkansas
  • Sun Belt Middleweight Belt: Appalachian State successfully defended against Old Dominion

Week 5 Results

  • Undisputed ACC Championship [Unified and Battle Belts]: Florida State successfully defended against Wake Forest
  • American Battle Belt: Temple successfully defended against Charlotte
  • Big 8 Heritage Belt: Kansas State lost to Oklahoma State
  • Unified Big 12 Belt: TCU successfully defended against Texas
  • Undisputed Big Ten Championship [Unified and Battle Belts]: Ohio State successfully defended against Indiana
  • Unified MAC Belt: Northern Illinois lost to Central Michigan
  • Undisputed SEC Championship [Unified and Battle Belts]: Mississippi lost to Florida
  • Sun Belt Middleweight Belt: Appalachian State successfully defended against Wyoming