Iron Bowl: Taiwanese Style!

Living in Taiwan makes it difficult for me to closely keep up with sports in the United States, even with the beauty and awesomeness of the Internets!  Sure, many professional games occur during a time where i can at least keep track of them — most NBA, NHL, and MLB games happen during the morning here.  But, a majority of games in college football and the NFL take place over night.  And, the sports world often turns by events that unfold and by storylines pushed forward during the daytime in the U.S. — or overnight here.

Thus, i have not been able to write as much as i would like.  Even though, through the power of Slingbox, i’ve been able to watch more games, it is tough to get up/stay up for 2am NFL games of 4:30am SEC games.  And, my work schedule has not been conducive to blah’gging!  Even our good ol’ Uncle Popov college football ranking and the newly christened College Football Belts have fallen off.

BUT, every so often, something comes across that is definitely worth posting about…especially when it originates from Taiwan.

This is a video that is a product of NEXTMedia and their animated studio arm Next Media Animators, and it is carried by TomoNews.  These types of “Taiwanese animations” are widely known in the U.S. as NMA often makes humorous clips of events and scandals that happen not only in the U.S., but also in East Asia [see their recent video of China’s air defense zone as a regional example].  The studio has close to 500 talented people who work on these videos that have become almost as popular as stinky tofu [and if you don’t know what stinky tofu is, trust me…you don’t want to know].

And the video “accurately” depicts the fandom and rivalry that is the Iron Bowl.  Here is the Chinese version as it is funnier to hear this in Mandarin rather than English:

Yes, Alabama and Auburn.  Once you’ve received your very own Taiwanese animation, you know that you’ve made it in the world!

Suck on that, Michigan/Ohio State!


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