So, Cary Williams Said What?

Look, stoking this whole Riley Cooper “drama” fire is so unnecessary and (honestly) boring.  But, there is something ironic about the recent incident.

I do tend to believe with Stephen A. Smith that black DBs are going to target Cooper [and not because of Marcus Vick’s “bounty”].  But, other than that, it is not worth even really exploring.  Actually, even DBs targeting Cooper does not mean much.  I don’t really care.

However, this altercation [don’t call it a “fight”; it’s not a fight!] brought something potentially interesting.  Fights happen all the time in practice…especially after going against each other so many times; you’re just waiting to face actual opponents.  So, that this is being blown up is because of the overblown Cooper issue.

Hell, any time Cooper has some sort of “issue” with a black player, this shit is going to get played up.  So the fight…I don’t give a fly fuck about that.

But, it is what Cary Williams allegedly said:

I’m not a nigger to fuck with!

Whoa now!  I know that Riley wanted to jump the fence and fight a brotha or two, but geez settle down Williams.

Now, keep in mind, this is what Williams “allegedly” said (coming from an anonymous third party).  No one is really stating that he did (or didn’t) say that…just that the initial June incident “was not mentioned.”  But it does — if true — present and interesting twist to all of this because of what Williams stated back in early August:

We as a black community sometimes pounce on somebody who uses it in a derogatory way when there are times in the black community when we use it freely.  . . . I think there’s no place for that word in anybody’s language, in anybody’s mouth or off anybody’s tongue, whether you’re black, white, green, purple, blue.  It’s still the same meaning, it’s still a harsh word.


Again, this is all based around an allegation that is still unfounded.  But, he DOES bring up a good point in his initial response to Riley’s uttering of “nigger.”  While it is “just a word,” it is one that needs to be eliminated from our vocabulary.  Yes, there is a sense of power gained by co-opting the word and altering the meaning, but this might be one of those words that should go the way of the interrobang.

Still, that Williams stated a very thoughtful response in August and “allegedly” said what he did during his altercation with Cooper is incredibly ironic.  Hopefully, for Williams, that did not happen.  I hope that it didn’t.

But then again, if it did, it brings to light the double standard of the word that he so carefully attempt to rally against.  Maybe it can be a good thing.

Or, perhaps we should take a cue from the Wu Tang Clan:


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