Leinart cut by the Bills, plans to keep sucking!

Since Tim Tebow got an entire article covering his release by the New England Patriots, I thought that it would be only fair to give Matt Leinart his own article.  After all, he won a Heisman trophy, too!  The media is always hating Leinart and trying to drag him through the mud!!!!

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — A Heisman Trophy, three season-ending injuries, a regional following.

Matt Leinart won all that in his football career.

On Saturday, he lost his third NFL job in 18 months.  It might be hard to find another.

The quarterback with two big problems — staying healthy and not being that good — was cut by the Buffalo Bills just five days after they signed him and only five days before the season.

But, as Leinart sees it, this long journey is not over.

leinart“True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart,” he tweeted.

Coach Doug Marrone gave the player who could not even beat out Derek Anderson or Terrell Pryor what may have been his last chance when he signed him August 25, when QB injuries led to the Bills to consider starting undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel.  And Leinart is grateful.

After being out of football since the end of last season, he was thankful to be given yet another chance, even if it is with the Bills.

In a tweet sent out after the signing, Leinart stated that he was “really excited and thankful for the [Bills]” for giving him the chance, and that he had been “working hard for 8 straight months.”

The Bills cut 17 other players and put quarterback Kevin Kolb on injured reserve.  That left them with 55 players, two above the regular-season limit that they have to reach before 6:30 pm EDT.

Marrone didn’t comment on Leinart’s release.

He was unsuccessful with Arizona, for four seasons, when he went 4-7 in his first season in 2006 and compiled a 7-10 record in an injury-plagued tenure with the Cardinals.

But then a career of inefficiency descended into true adversity.

Kurt Warner retired and instead of seizing the starting gig lost out to friggin’ Derek Anderson, as well as Max Hall and John Skelton.

He was released prior to the start of the 2010 season and then signed with the Houston Texans on September 6.  He languished on the bench and ended up starting one game in 2011 and was promptly injured.

Released again, he signed with the Oakland Raiders in 2012 where, once again given a chance to possibly start, was passed over for Terrell Pryor.  He was not resigned in the offseason.

For eight months no team wanted him until the Bills signed him to a no-risk contract

Now, nearly four months after his 30th birthday, Leinart’s NFL career may be over.

The Bills had a total of five quarterbacks on their preseason roster.  So with E.J. Manuel the future and Kevin “Concussion” Kolb at the top of the heap, Leinart’s chances were a challenging one, even before that final preseason game.  Then he posted a quarterback rating of 0.0 with zero touchdowns, two interceptions and one sack against the Lions.

Leinart’s last play with the Bills, and perhaps in the NFL, was an interception thrown to 11-year veteran Rashean Mathis with 12 minutes remaining in the second quarter of the Lions game on Thursday night.

After his last game, Leinart said he wasn’t sure it would be enough to keep him on the team.

But he didn’t plan to worry.

He knows that he “could have played better, but you just move on.  . . . So yeah, it’s tough, but I was thankful to be here and you know we’ll see what happens.  Obviously, after that performance, you can’t feel too good.”

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