Apparently, There is Crying (and Whining) in Basketball

In the film A League of Their Own, Tom Hanks famously quipped, “There’s no crying in baseball!”

While that may be true for baseball, that apparently is not the case for basketball.  Two incidents over the past week reflect that crying and whining are very much alive in basketball.

First, some cat named Lil Wayne cried about not getting tickets for the Oklahoma City-San Antonio game in OKC.  Well, he could have received tickets, just not where he wanted them.

This guy apparently wanted courtside seats and practically demanded them from Oklahoma City.  When his “agent” could not secure such tickets through a broker, he tried to go through the Thunder.  That is when, much to “Lil Wayne’s” surprise, there were none available courtside.  Apparently, this guy was too busy making shitty music to realize that the Thunder are a big sale in Oklahoma City and getting tickets at the drop of a hat is virtually impossible.

But, that did not stop Mr. Ego from getting pissy with it.   The dude was offered still-premium seats behind the bench, but no “special” parking (handicap?) and no special protection.  He scoffed at that…I mean, sitting with the mortals!?  How absurd!

Following his Mutombo-like rejection, Lil Whine tweeted the following:

Was going to go to the Thunder game tonight but was denied by the team to be in their arena. Wow. Smh. Go Spurs!

Cry me a mother-fucking handful!  You were not “denied” by the team to be there.  It is not as though Indiana Jones showed up and threw you to the curb while exclaiming, “No ticket!”  Although, Oklahoma City having no tickets was the primary reason why you could not get what you want.

~~Well, I guess we know what those teardrops are for.~~

And yet despite being sold out, you were still offered tickets.  And yet, YOU denied those.  It seems that YOU, Lil Whine, were the one to deny the team, especially with your childish “Go Spurs!” remark.  Guess that is why you have “Lil” as part of your moniker.

Oh, but Lil’ Whine’s crybaby act does not stop there.  He whips out THE CARD!  Yup, the race card.  Of course, this coming from someone who gets what he wants all most of the time because he is a celebrity — a status manufactured because he embraced an entertainment niche most associated with blacks — that when he is actually turned down, it must be because he is black.

Something tells me that if I go up and ask for courtside seats for a sold-out NBA playoff game…with “special” parking and an escort (prostitute?)…I would be denied, too.  Is it because I am white?  Doubtful.

The only “racist” angle to come out of this comes from Lil Whine.

It’s the players stepping up, but, of course, the players aren’t white.  I don’t want to be sitting there on behalf of you and I’m sitting next to a (person) that’s like “I don’t want this (guy) sitting next to me.”

So, dick-wrinkle wanted one of the two white boys — Cole Aldrich or Nick Collison — to step up and offer him tickets?  Why does it have to be the white players?  And then, his phobia of white people must take over as he stereotypes  those sitting courtside must not want to sit next to him.

Well, there’s a reason that they “don’t want this [whiner] sitting next to” them…you’re a crying Lil bitch!  And you took to whining and essentially dropping the “don’t you know who I am” card to get free tickets from Durant and Harden!  That’s why they don’t want to sit next to you.  Some people actually pay their dues — and pay for their tickets……others believe said tickets should be bestowed upon them.

About the only angle I can understand is the safety issue (as far as security).  But, even though it is Oklahoma City, I am sure that the Thunder have accommodated real celebrities before.  This is not their first rodeo.

On second thought, given his “racist” remark about certain people not wanting him sitting beside them, most Oklahoma City fans have no idea who he is…at least that’s the impression he seems to be giving.  So, actually have “special” security would only have drawn attention to Lil Whine.  I doubt there would have been a sea of white folks dying to see his stupid ass!

Lil Whine did not get what he wanted.  He was offered seats to a soldout playoff game and still bitched about it.

You’re in Forbes?  That does not make you any less of a bitch, Lil Whine!!!  Maybe take some of that money and learn a little bit about economics…perhaps start with “supply and demand.”  Next time, try the Bobcats.  Fuck you, too!

Next, you have LeBron James, a beloved player here at the Drunken Sports Rant.  Apparently, he does not commit fouls.  The King Without a Crown was beside himself when he fouled out of the Miami Heat’s Game 4 loss to the Boston Celtics.

I don’t foul out.  If I’m going to foul out, that sixth foul, I wish I would have earned it [and it] had actually been a foul on me. Whatever.

Whatever?  I guess adding “Go Spurs” would have been a bit odd.  Maybe a “Go Celtics” would have been a nice touch.

Again, what’s with the whining?  “I don’t foul out.”  Apparently you do, mother fucker!  Like Lil Whine, James is used to the privilege of getting what he wants, namely not having fouls called on him all of the time.

James later added this nugget:

It’s very difficult because I know how to play the game of basketball and I don’t need an advantage or holding somebody or pushing somebody down.  But whatever.  We lost.

Go Spurs!

Yes, you know how to play the game.  So does every other player in the NBA, including Mickael Pietrus.  And refs know how to call the game…they are better than you give them credit for.

Besides, I have seen James use his arm to push off, his elbow to get a step advantage, and knock someone down while going for a block (happened in Game 1), all the while not having a foul called on him.  So his “I don’t need an advantage” spiel is falling on deaf ears here.

Of course, old fogey Pat Riley chimed in with a “It’s a typical night in the Boston Garden” blast.  Please.  Fouls: 30 for Boston; 28 for Miami.  Free throws: 20 for Boston; 24 for Miami.  Bitch, please!

Of course, Boston point guard Rajon Rondo might have said it best when he mentioned during a halftime interview that the Heat were too busy complaining in the first half.  When asked how the Celtics jumped to a big advantage, Rondo fired off that the Heat were too busy “complaining and crying to referees in transition.”

Boom goes the dynamite!

Anyone who watches the Heat, and especially James, knows that the complain to the refs more than soccer players.  James is so notorious for his hands stretched outwards (usually with mouthpiece in one hand) acting like he never fouls someone that the pose should be engraved on his tombstone.  Or, at least a statue erected in that famous pose.

But, unlike Lil Whine, LeBron James is a gifted individual who should not have to resort to whining.  But he does…and this post-loss outburst places him in the category of Lil Whine.

So, there you have it.  Lil Whine and LeBron…two cats who feel so entitled to get what they want that when things don’t go their way, the world must be conspiring against them.  Either racist Oklahomans or tricky Frenchmen and incompetent referees.

Basketball…just whine, baby!

Go Spurs!!!

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