Introducing the Florida State…Gators?

Thanks to a heads up from a friend (Jonathan), apparently THE Florida State University has decided to follow the lead of Arkansas State and UL-Monroe and get rid of its hostile nickname and mascots.  That’s right!  No longer will Chief Osceola charge out onto the field — flaming spear in hand — riding his trusty horse Renegade.  No longer will FSU exploit Native Americans for its financial benefits.

According to ESPN2, Florida State now has a new logo representing the proud university in Tallahassee.  ESPN2 unveiled it while showing the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket.  Take a look:

Ah, that looks great.  That looks awesome.  That looks…………hey, wait a minute.  Let’s get a closer look at that:

WHOOPS!  That looks a lot like another university’s logo.  I’ve seen it before…but where?  I cannot put my finger on it.  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to see the new look Florida State Gators take on the winner of the Miami-Georgia Tech game.


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