The NFL Starts a Day Earlier…So Quit Your Bitching!

Read this article.  Well, actually, read the comments section below the article.

Done?  Good.  I am excited that the NFL will start a day earlier this year.  Like opening presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day!  Sweet!

Unfortunately, a massive group of morons think that this is a bad idea.  Why?  Do they hate professional football?  Are they Canadian?  Are they afraid that they will miss some crime drama that uses the same premise as every other crime drama on television?

No!  These whiny individuals are upset because the game was move so as to not conflict with the Democratic National Convention!  Or, more specifically, President Obama’s “acceptance” speech that he plans to give at the DNC.   Nevermind that pre-empting the start of a game for politics has happened before; in 2008, the NFL moved its annual kickoff game up an hour so not to conflict with Republican Candidate John McCain’s acceptance speech.  That is not stopping the uninformed from making idiotic comments:

  • change a football game for a spineless leader with strings attached speech. GREAT! whats next canceling the whole season when that monkey gets re-elected?
  • This is nothing more than a convention B S speech. It has nothing to do with him being president. Would they have done the same for Romney……….This is the kind of crap that was going on in Germany in 1940. The gov. controlling the media to push their agenda. It is getting bad and it has to stop.
  • My God –this country is more looking like a dictator ship than a free society.
  • I will boycott the game and I think every red blooded american who isn’t a socialist shoud do the same. Obummer is now dictating when you can watch football. Well all these jail birds in the NFL and Obummer can have there stupid game and socialist convention. Probably cost Odumbo more votes lmao.
  • it’s a sad state of affairs when the opening of the beloved NFL season is dictated by a convention of liars, cheats, and blowhards. I love my NFL football, but I won’t watch this game. Not for a league that bows down for a @#$% speech. Shame NFL…shame and weak.
  • This is the end of the line as far as I am concerned.Over paid players,owners,and comish. and now this.I will not watch,listen,or buy a product endorsing or sponsoring the nfl ever again
  • Will not watch the game or the speech. Maybe a real low rating will jolt the lefties at the NFL…..
  • What a disgrace!….changing the NFL schedule to fit Osama’s speech….at a rally to help destroy what he’s left of our constitution!!!!……Hey Goodell, what’s next? CCCP on every NFL jersey?!?!?!?!?! or would you prefer stopping all afternoon games at sunset to bow toward Mecca?
  • I’m a die hard NFL fan but will not watch the opening game on NBC or any game on NBC. This @#$% president could care less for ALL Americans just the black asses and muslims!

Um, yeah!  You get the point.  One idiotic comment after another.  I try to keep my eyes away from the comment section, but this was too “good.”  I mean, comparison to 1940 German, using racial epithets, boycotting the game!?  Really, you are going to boycott the game just because it will be played ONE DAY EARLIER!?!?  It is not like the game is being moved to 1am!

Now, usually we leave the politics to others, but this vitriolic backlash is pathetic.  Again, check history.  The NFL, or more specifically NBC, have moved a game before to placate a politician’s speech (Senator McCain, as mentioned above).  There was no conflict in 2004 with the Republican National Convention that year (the NFL started a week later).  And, when the NFL and NBC made that move to give McCain his respect, how were both repaid?  By producing the second-lowest rated kickoff game since the league started this back in 2002.

Thus, from NBC and the NFL perspective, this move is a business decision based off of previous lessons learned.  If anything, the anti-Obama crowd that are claiming that he and the Democrats are forcing this move should recognize the decision and applaud the NFL for being so concerned about making a huge profit, which they will do regardless of however many morons “boycott” the game.  At least one commenter on the Yahoo! Sports article understood this:

The NFL made the decision – they want to have as many people watching the game as possible. And even if you personally were not going to watch the President speak the NFL is aware that there are quite a few people that will watch. This is a business decision by the NFL. The NFL is the #1 sport in America because of some pretty smart businessmen making decisions like these.

The NFL is going to maximize its profit and viewership as much as possible.  And while it might be hard to believe that “socialist” Democrats watch football, they do and the NFL understands this.  And those that are interested in what President Obama has to say will be conflicted, thus drawing eyes away from the game.  Yes, if the two were going head-to-head, the football game will have bigger ratings.  That is a no-brainer!  But, the NFL and NBC know that they can have optimal viewership if the game appears on another night (based off of past precedent).

By the way, I did find it humorous that most of the lowest rated comments for the article were those that told people to move on, or appreciate that the game is a day earlier.  NEVER interject reason and logic into a comment section!

The other interesting thing that I have noticed is the complaints that “now, I’ll have nothing to watch on Thursday.”  Really?  Your life is so miserable that the only entertainment you have is the NFL?  I cannot imagine what would have happened to these people had the 2011 season been cancelled.

Nothing to watch?  There are five baseball games scheduled for that day; three scheduled at night.  Try one of those.  Or, I am sure that there will be a college football game on, since the season begins the weekend prior to the DNC.  Or, maybe get out of the house; have a date!  But do not bitch that because there is no NFL game on Thursday night in early September that there is “nothing to do”; get a life!

Personally, if the NFL and NBC decided to leave the game on Thursday, you know what I am going to watch?  The fucking NFL game…even if the game is the Cowboys and the Giants.  Why?  Because I would rather watch football than empty suits, regardless of politics.  If it were the Republican National Convention competing against the NFL, I would also watch football!  Now that it is on Wednesday, I will still watch football…just a day earlier.  Thursday?  I’m sure there will be a decent college game on television.

And that is the thing that is puzzling about the backlash…people who are upset because the NFL moved the game were NOT going to watch the DNC anyway.  So, why should it matter that the game is on a Wednesday, or a Thursday, or even a Friday?  It doesn’t.  You were going to watch the game and ignore the DNC regardless, so it does not matter when each happens.

People just want to bitch about President Obama.  Or, in general (and in the words of Train), everyone “just like[s] … to rip on the president.”  Apparently these people are so unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives that they find it best to blame someone else for their woes, even if it is something as trivial (and out of their control) as the day on which the NFL will kickoff.  They want to blame President Obama or blame the “evil, liberal” NBC — a company that kowtowed to the Republicans in order not conflict with McCain’s acceptance speech —  rather than just thinking, “hell, football a day earlier!  Dyn-o-mite!!!”

So, boycott the game!  The NFL will somehow find a way to survive without you, I am sure.  Just quit bitching about the move.  If you are going to be too ignorant to understand the business decision made, too lazy to realize that it has been done before (albeit not move by a full day), too stupid to recognize that football will still be played, and too moronic that you resort to making racial and nonsensical comments, then the sports world is better off without you.

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