Booth Review: Observations from the First Week of College Football (2011)

Quick hits from the past week’s games.

  • I do not care what you say, but I liked Maryland’s uniforms.  The red side [Crossland family] actually looked somewhat natural, but when the yellow side [Calvert family] suddenly flipped around, it was a bit striking.  But it was unique and not forced.  By that, I mean when teams pull out black uniforms even though black is not their primary color (see Florida State), it is forced.  The toxic green of the Seattle Seahawks…forced.  But, the Terrapins’ unis was at least derived from the state’s flag.  Therefore, it was not “forced,” and it was unique to Maryland.  Although, I would like to see George Washington grace the side of the Washington Huskies’ uniforms.
  • Another uniform that caused “traditionalists” (and my dad) to shit themselves was Georgia’s unis.  But, again, I liked it.  I really liked the helmet, which marked something of an innovation in design.  The thick stripe down the middle with the grey sides was, in my opinion, pretty nice.  And usually I absolutely HATE the “Nike Pro Combat” unis.  But I dug Georgia’s version.
  • Speaking of Georgia, both the Bulldogs and Auburn got pushed around.  For all of the talk about how awesome the SEC is, those two teams looked to offer a counter-argument.  Georgia looked outmatched all game and their yards are deceptive.  Auburn, meanwhile, was expected to take a step back, but they were physically dominated in the trenches.  Utah State’s offensive line was a veteran crew and it showed, while the running backs were patient; extremely patient.  Given how down the WAC will probably be this year, I would not be shocked if the Aggies (the Utah State version; not New Mexico State) ended up winning the conference…although that is not saying much.  Meanwhile, if Auburn struggles again this week, a 4-8 record is NOT out of the question.
  • The Pac-12 kicked off its first season in style…bad style.  The topper was Sacramento State upsetting Oregon State in overtime.  The Hornets took a page out of Jacksonville State’s playbook and went for two-points and the win in overtime…and it worked.  Meanwhile, Oregon looked outmatched against LSU, California-Los Angeles looked lost, and Southern California looked punchless (Matt Barkley played well, though).  Meanwhile, Washington needed a last second interception to knock of Defending National Champions Eastern Washington, a game in which the Eagles dominated statistically (504 to 250).  Four turnovers by EWU was the difference in that game.
  • Notre Dame — overrated.  But they may well beat Michigan.  And if it happens, much will be made about it.  They are still overrated.
  • There is only one team in the Sun Belt that won this past weekend — FIU.  That only happened because they beat fellow Sun Belt member North Texas.  But the team that had the best chance of winning was Western Kentucky…they just had no offense beyond Bobby Rainey.  If Rainey is not killed at WKU (i mean, on the field…not in “reality”), he will likely play Sundays in the NFL.  He IS the Hilltoppers only offense, and still rushed for over 100 yards.  Teams know he is getting the ball, yet he still gets his yards.  Last year, he topped 100 yards eight times, and 150 yards five times.  During that season, Rainey went for 155 against Nebraska, 181 against Kentucky, and a season-high 240 against Middle Tennessee.  Yes, those were all losses, but you cannot blame Rainey.

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