First Three National Champions of the 2010 Bowl Season

Just wanted to give a big Uncle Popov salute to the first three national champions of the bowl season!  These teams played hard all year, earned their bowl bid, and went out and won it on the field.  They deserve to be recognized.

  • New Mexico Bowl National Champion: BYU Cougars
  • uDrove Humanitarian Bowl National Champion: Northern Illinois Huskies
  • R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl National Champion: Troy Trojans

All three teams raised their respective trophies high and no other team in the country can claim such a championship this season.  So, raise your glasses and give a big ups to the Cougars, Huskies, and Trojans.

BYU - 2010 New Mexico Bowl National Champions

Northern Illinois - 2010 Humanitarian Bowl National Champions

Troy coach Larry Blakeney slides on a New Orleans Bowl national champions T-shirt

Troy - New Orleans Bowl National Champions


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