2010 Uncle Popov Top 23 – Final Week

Since the season is now over, this will be the final Uncle Popov Top 23 poll for the 2010 season.  I might consider doing a bowl edition of the poll, but since the bowls are not administered by the NCAA (only sanctioned by that governing body), I refuse to include the results of these arbitrary exhibition games in my poll.

I think I have finally perfected my formula.  So next season, it should be straight forward and need no tweeking.  I still will not release my formula since those computers that are factored in to creating an exhibition champion are not released.  But I will provide the number that each team in the top 23 received.

One element I did add just for the final poll is a measure for conference champion.  This gives conference champs a boost over non-conference winners.  Split champs have been factored in, as have divisional winners in the ACC, Big 12, C-USA, MAC, and SEC.

  1. TCU (28.453)
  2. Auburn (28.438)
  3. Oregon (28.250)
  4. Boise State (22.657)
  5. Ohio State (21.377)
  6. Wisconsin (21.159)
  7. Nevada (20.817)
  8. Stanford (20.396)
  9. Michigan State (18.991)
  10. Virginia Tech (18.963)
  11. Oklahoma State (18.627)
  12. Oklahoma (18.446)
  13. Arkansas (17.900)
  14. Utah (15.869)
  15. Hawai’i (14.882)
  16. Missouri (14.783)
  17. Central Florida (14.679)
  18. LSU (14.568)
  19. Nebraska (13.861)
  20. Texas A&M (13.725)
  21. Alabama (13.658)
  22. Northern Illinois (13.537)
  23. West Virginia (12.974)



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