Quick Snap: LeBron James Plays Just Another Game in Cleveland

Tonight, the Miami Heat square off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in a battle of mediocrity.

Sorry…wrong word.  Of media-crazy!

Obviously this game will NOT be about just the Cavs and the Heat.  This will about LEBRON JAMES and his return to cleveland.

I have a feeling of what the reaction will be like, and it will sound something like a Chick-Fil-A commercial.  But what is the appropriate response.

At first, I thought it would be awesome if no one showed up for the game.  Have the fans not show up and abandon James.  But that would actually punish the Cavs.  The better response would be fans showing up for all 41 Cleveland home games in full force regardless of the team’s record.  It would show that the city of Cleveland is behind its team and not an individual.  Sell out the Quicken Loans Arena every home game and stand behind the team, unlike what James did.

So far, Cleveland fans have done that as through nine games the Cavs had the highest average home attendance (20,562), which is at 100 percent capacity (tied for sixth).  So bravo to the city of Cleveland.

But I am not sure that is the best way to stick it to LeBron James, who honestly will never truly “care” about what Cleveland fans do.

I think the best thing for those fans to do is, when James is announced, to stand and applaud him.  Remember the positive things that James did for the team.  He took helped lead Cleveland to the NBA Finals.  He brought attention to a down-trodden team.

So stand and applaud him before the game.  Such a move would be classy.  And given that many around the country hold James’s move to Miami as a classless move (at least the way he did it; not the move itself), the response would be a stark contract to The King’s classless move.

And then, cheer like mad for the Cavaliers to win the game.  Don’t boo James every time he touches the ball.  But cheer for the Cavs.  Let Cleveland be the focus of fan energy; not a player who is no longer on the team.

To me, that would be the ultimate jab at LeBron.  Show that he is appreciated, but that the city has moved on and will stand behind the Cavaliers as they move on without James’s services.  After all, Cleveland is only three games back of Miami.  Cleveland may not be doing as well as they did when James was a part of the team, but he is not doing so hot without Cleveland either.

Certainly, we have to expect that Miami will improve.  But for one night, Cleveland can show that they are better than James and his Evil Empire in South Florida.

So applaud LeBron James for what he has done.  And hopefully by the time the game ends, Cleveland can be cheering for Mo Williams leading the Cavs to victory (behind a triple-double).


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