How is Oregon better than Boise State; and other rants

  • Boise State has the 77th “strongest” schedule.  Oregon has the 112th “strongest” schedule.  So how is Oregon better than Boise State?  Traditionalists and elitists bash Boise State, their “Mickey Mouse” offense, and their schedule of two teams, but what about Oregon.  Oregon has played only one team (Stanford) currently in the BCS rankings — just like BSU — and the Ducks face only one other team currently ranked (Arizona) — just like the Broncos.  Oregon has a great offense, no doubt.  But that offense has faced the 102nd, 88th, 48th, 61st, 120th, and 85th ranked defenses in the country.  Additionally, the Ducks’ defense has faced the 117th, 94th, 46th, fifth, 98th, and 95th ranked scoring offenses.  This week they face Southern California, who is ranked 87th on defense.  Who has Oregon played that makes them so much better than Boise State?
  • To be sure, I am not claiming that Boise State has played world beaters.  They have played the 36th, 110th, 119th, 118th, 57th, and 107th rated defenses in the FBS.  The Bronco defense has faced the 15th, 118th, 55th, 119th, 86th, and 120th rated scoring offenses.  But the point here is not about BSU’s level of competition, but why do the Broncos get criticized while it seems the Ducks are getting a free pass?  Sports talkers such as Peter Brown seem to have no problem privileging Oregon and unproblematically placed the Ducks in the BCS title game.  But I see no difference between Oregon and Boise State…well, except for the conference in which they play.  The haves; the have-nots.
  • Based on average rank across the parameters (two human polls and the four [of six] qualifying computer polls), TCU has the smallest standard deviation (0.408), with an average ranking of 4.167 and BCS ranking of four.  Oregon has the largest standard deviation (3.67) with an average ranking of 5.33 and a BCS ranking of two.  Someone smarter than me could tell me what that really means, but I like to think that it means TCU is about where they need to be whereas Oregon is not.  Boise State has a standard deviation of 2.45 — third highest of the seven unbeatens — and an average ranking of five.  What does that mean about BSU?  For what it is worth, Auburn has a SD of 0.894 and an average ranking of two.  Is there a statistician in the house?
  • Bingo on Oklahoma going down!  But I think Missouri loses this week.
  • Oops on Iowa winning the Big Ten (sic).  It is still possible as the Hawkeyes only have one conference loss and still face Ohio State and Michigan State.  But they would need to win both of those and hope Wisconsin loses again.
  • Cam Newton is definitely the Heisman-frontrunner after his rushing performance against Louisiana State.  That stated, he can be contained.  The key is to force him to throw as he has not proven (yet) that he can consistently throw the ball.  Problem is; no one has figured out how to do that yet — contain his run so he has to pass.  If Auburn falls behind where they have to throw, I think Newton and the Tigers will be in trouble.  On the other hand, he is such a talented runner that his explosive runs are just as good as any passing attack; he might not have to pass when most teams would normal do so.
  • Is Brett Favre a zombie?  Just when you think he is dead, he comes back to fuck up more shit.  With two fractures in his ankles, something tells me he will still drag his carcass out onto the field and destroy the Minnesota Vikings.  Give Tavaris Jackson his due!  I am sure he can at least throw it to Randy Moss or Percy Harvin…or turn around and give Adrian Peterson the ball.  You do not need Ol’ Number 4 out there for that, bringing down the Vikings in the process as he throws the ball to defensive backs!  Does Chilly not realize that Favre is 30th in QB Rating (68.0)?  Only Derek Anderson, Matt Moore, and Jimmy Clausen have a worse passer rating.  Does Viking management not recognize that Favre is tied for second in interceptions (10) and tied for seventh in sacks (14)?  Is it not clear that his 58.1 completion percentage is 25th among qualified starters?  But hey, his 199 yards per game (22nd overall) is better than what Bruce Gradkowski is producing!
  • With one more win, Navy will become bowl eligible for the eighth straight season.  Also with one more win, Air Force will become bowl eligible for the fourth straight year.  Although the Falcons face a tough task with Utah this week, it is likely that both Navy (playing Duke this week) and Air Force will be playing in a bowl game.  Army needs two wins to become bowl eligible for the first time since 1996.  Army has VMI this week, which does count towards bowl eligibility, then has a winnable game versus Kent State.  I would not discount them versus the other two academies either.  If Army gets to six wins and all three teams go to a bowl, it will be the first time ever that all three academies have been to a bowl game in the same season!
  • Which team is the best team in the NFL?  I am still waiting for an answer.  I can tell you that it is NOT Kansas City.  Nor is it Tampa Bay.
  • San Francisco and Denver are going to play in London this week.  Personally, I like the overseas game.  I say have a neutral site game for all teams every season.  Go to 17 games instead of 18, as has been proposed.  You can keep the home games for each team at eight, thereby not removing a home game from one team’s schedule.  And play neutral site games during the middle of the season.  Maybe not all during the same week, but sprinkle it over three or four weeks.  Have a game in London; one in Germany, where armored football is popular.  Maybe multiple games in Canada — Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver [not Calgary; McMahon Stadium is too small].  Play one in Mexico City.  One in Honolulu.  One in Los Angeles (as long as they do not have a team) and other cities without NFL teams (San Antonio?  Birmingham?).  Maybe even have one in Japan, where the NFL has played exhibition games before.  Just a thought.

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