Yet Again…More Football Ranting

But, at least i am going to be brief this week:

  • Well, my boy Colin Kaepernick struggled.  You could see that Nevada was in a trap game — the Wolf Pack had struggled against the pass all year.  But that Hawai’i actually played defense was impressive.  Kaepernick was held to his lowest rushing output of the season (his 30 yards was also the only time an FBS team held up under 100) and he was below 60-percent completion for the first time all season.  To be fair, Vai Taua was also held in check by the Warriors defense — first time held to less than 100 yards by an FBS opponent all year — but that really hurts Kaepernick, who was starting to generate some (albeit small) talk about the Heisman.
  • I find it funny that some fans like to claim that the Auburn game was tainted by the shady officiating, all the while forgetting how their own team has benefited from bad calls.
  • Speaking of officiating-complaining, I am amused at Lane Kiffin.  Everyone is out to get him.  He bitched about officials in the SEC; now he is bitching about referees in the Pac 10.  Geez, get some nuts and motivate your team.  Care about what you can control, you limp dick!
  • Boise State is being screwed, but not by the polls.  They are getting bent over by their opponents.  Virginia Tech did it first, but now Oregon State (three losses) and Nevada are not helping.  If BSU does not make it to the BCS title game, it will not be because of anything they did or did not do.
  • Does anyone want to win the SEC East?
  • Which is true — Auburn is a good offensive team, or Arkansas is a bad defensive team?  We will see if Auburn is for real.  I questioned if Denard Robinson could produce against a good defense.  Not saying that LSU has a good defense, but it is likely one of the better ones that have faced all year.  If Cam Newton blows up again, he is the Heisman frontrunner.
  • On the other hand, how often have we seen a so-called “Heisman frontrunner” coming off solid performances only turn around and struggle when they finally face a good defense?  Ryan Mallet.  Denard Robinson.  Terrell Pryor.  Is this the week that Cam Newton finally struggles?
  • Oklahoma could lose two games.  One could happen this week; i believe the other one will happen regardless (Oklahoma State).
  • Oregon will not lose.
  • Iowa will win the Big Ten.
  • I was right about Brett Favre being more detrimental to the Vikings than he is worth.  Even though they won against the Cowboys, I think they are making a big mistake starting him every week.  I really think this is going to end up being a lost season for the Vikings and they should go ahead and transition to Jackson.
  • Also, glad to see Kolb playing like it was expected.  He needs to find D-Jax more…well, when he comes back.  But Kolb is going to be fine.  And yes, Vick was playing well (unlike Favre), but the Eagles need to think about the future and Kolb certainly seems capable.
  • Chiefs are now 3-2.  As I stated before, they will not make the playoffs.
  • And again, have I mentioned that Sam Bradford is going to be good?  Even without Mark Clayton he got it done.  They have already won as many games as they won in the previous two seasons!

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