More Ranting on Football

Still no solid topic…so let’s jump around!

  • Denard Robinson is good.  But dammit, quit pretending that he is the only one who runs and throws.  I still claim that Colin Kaepernick is better.  Someone will say “yeah, but Kaepernick does not play in the Big Ten.”  Well, who has Robinson really played?  He has played against the 77th, 68th, 116th and 108th run defenses in the FBS.  Those same teams are 51st, 89th, 119th and 88th overall!  Yes, Nevada has not played stellar defenses save California (although I question their defense anyway) — 104th, 38th, 120th and 106th against the run.  But Kaepernick has been doing it for longer and thus we know what we are getting.  Can Robinson repeat it against better defenses?  For example, Michigan State is 36th on defense and 20th against the run.  The meat of the schedule is coming up so let’s see how Robinson — who is a tremendous athlete — fares against better defenses before we hand him the overhyped Heisman Trophy.
  • Well, more on Robinson.  That he is second in rushing yards per game is amazing.  I do not want to diminish that stat.  And certainly without him the Wolverines would not be 5-0.  But I do not think the Wolf Pack would be 5-0 without Kaepernick.  And, Nevada actually has running backs while Michigan does not; thus Kaepernick has to get his yards despite having someone in the backfield while Robinson gets his yards because he has no one else in the backfield.
  • Alabama is by far the best team in the country right now.  I no longer think second is Ohio State.  Second place is debatable right now.
  • I mentioned it last time, but the SEC is not as strong as it once was.  Oh, it is likely still the best conference, but they are not that strong.  Think about this; many “experts” still predict that it will be Alabama v. Florida in the SEC title game.  That means that despite the beatdown Florida received from Alabama, Florida is still the strongest team in the East.  And, no team appears to be able to take out Alabama in the West.  The rest of the SEC is mediocre.  Would you trust Georgia, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt or even LSU against other BCS-conference teams?  I think we will find out more about Arkansas over the next two weeks.  South Carolina and Auburn look good.  But beyond Alabama and Florida, who can you trust from the SEC?  The SEC is down again, but they were so far above other conferences that they are still likely the best conference in the FBS.  But the gap is narrowing faster than originally thought.
  • Maybe the WAC is not so bad.  Yes, the WAC is not a great conference.  San Jose State is god-awful losing to UC-Davis (an FCS school) and New Mexico State might be worse than Western Kentucky.  Everyone knows about Boise State and Nevada is beginning to make some noise, but Utah State is improved, Idaho is improved, and Hawai’i seems to have found their offense.  And Fresno State is on the upswing of their typical rollercoaster.  No, the competition is not the same as the BCS-conference games, but the WAC is not as bad as people make it out to be.
  • By the way, the WAC has as many ranked teams as the ACC.  Once again, the ACC is horrible!
  • No one will notice the Troy-MTSU game, but they should.  Both have offensive power and Dwight Dasher is a stud.  Had people paid attention to the Sun Belt, then no one would have been surprised when MTSU beat Southern Miss.  But…no one will still watch even though there is nothing else on Tuesday night.
  • Notice how Utah is flying under the radar?  Yeah, seems most people do not even recognize that Utah is tenth.  They are flying under the radar that spots teams that are flying under the radar.  Weird.
  • It is amazing how quickly Mark Richt is placed on the hot seat given that it was likely going to be a down year for the Bulldogs.  Meanwhile, “It’s the Big 12!” Dan Hawkins seems to at least be off of the hot seat for now.  Amazing!  I like Hawkins, but many teams would have already canned him.  On the other hand, you would think that being 90-27 going into this season would give Richt another year.  We’ll see.
  • Notice how quickly Kansas went back to be irrelevant in football?  Yeah…
  • Arkansas is second in passing yards per game (behind Hawai’i).  When was the last time an SEC led the NCAA in passing yards?  Or was even in the Top 5 or Top 10?  Let me know; I am waiting…
  • I do not know what it is, but after four weeks (well, still got Monday) I am lacking interest in the NFL.  Over the last couple of years I was hyped about the NFL.  This year I have been…eh…
  • Who is the front-runner to make the Super Bowl?  I’m waiting as it is quite unclear.  At this time last year it was clear that New Orleans and Indianapolis were legit; whether or not they’d make it is a different story but they stood out as true contenders.  This year?  What happened to Dallas?  Green Bay?  The defense is solid but they struggled against Detroit.  Baltimore cannot find an offense and even the defense does not seem to be as it usually is.  The Jets have looked good since that first game, but many teams look good against the Southern Canada Bills.  Still, the run looks good with LT rejuvenated and Shonn Greene and Sanchez actually seems poised (one of only two QBs with no picks; the other is Vick).  So…….maybe the Jets?
  • Kansas City Chiefs will not win the AFC West…but could come close.  I think they might win four more games over the next 13 games (and end up 7-9), which is still a step in the right direction.  The Chiefs will be a playoff team next year.
  • Again, Sam Bradford is going to be good.  Currently, he is 13th in passing yards per game.  Yes, he has six picks, but that should be expected.  Still, the Rams have to keep him upright (11 sacks; tied for fifth).
  • Jay Cutler was just sacked again.

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