Random Observations from the First Three Weeks of Football

No real topic right now…so how about randomness:

  • Preseason polls need to be abolished.  Where is Virginia Tech, Florida State, North Carolina, Pittsburgh?  Not ranked.  The number one team in the country is likely correct, but who should be number two?  How about Oregon?  Based off of their first three games, Oregon has looked as good as anyone else in the country.  But Oregon started 11th but are now up to sixth in the Coaches’ Poll.  But I will give pollsters credit — there seems to be more fluidity in the polls over the last couple of years than previously.  Florida and Oklahoma have slid while Oregon has been able to move up quickly.  Still, there is some apprehension in moving Oregon to the Top 3.  Imagine if pollsters did not vote until the first week of October.  Do not bring up the Harris Poll, which does wait, because it is still influenced by the other polls.  “Alabama is number one in the coaches’ poll, so we should vote Alabama number one also.”
  • The ACC is horrible.  It might even be worse than the Big East.  They are 1-9 versus BCS schools and several of those were blowout losses.  They are 16-2 against non-BCS schools, but ten of those wins (and one loss) are against FCS schools!!!  The BCS win was NC State beating a Cincinnati squad that is a shell of what they were last year.  This is why I argued for promotion and regulation for BCS automatic bids.  The ACC and Big East each have an automatic bid because………why?  The ACC has only been represented by Florida State in the BCS title game, going 1-2 in those games.  The ACC as a whole is 2-10 in BCS bowl games!!  The Big East has been in the BCS title game three times; represented by two teams — Miami and Virginia Tech.  Both of those teams are no longer in the Big East, so why should the Big East be rewarded for what was accomplished by those teams?  Additionally, it cannot be because of the “age” of the conferences as the Big East and Big 12 are both younger than the WAC.  And while the WAC top-to-bottom may not be better than the ACC or Big East, a good case could be made for the Mountain West Conference being better.
  • Colin Kaepernick deserves more Heisman publicity than Denard Robinson or Kellen Moore.
  • Florida is still the toughest team on Alabama’s schedule.  Arkansas has Mallett and that will test the Tide’s secondary, but can Arkansas’s defense stop Alabama?  I don’t think so.  Now, Florida’s defense has the tools to stop Alabama’s offense.  And, it is just a matter of time before John Brantley comes around and makes plays.  Florida would scare me if I was on the Alabama coaching staff.
  • I think the gap between the SEC and other conferences is narrowing.  The SEC is still top heavy, but you cannot tell me that Mississippi and Georgia and Tennessee and Mississippi State would dominate other mid-tier BCS-conference teams.  The Rebels lost to friggin’ Jacksonville State.  And do not bring up the “well, no team outside the conference could go undefeated in the SEC.”  I do not think an SEC team will go undefeated.  That Alabama and Florida have done it recently speaks to how much better those two teams are compared to the rest of the conference.  But I also think that other than Alabama and Florida, no SEC team would easily go undefeated in another BCS conference.  Well…maybe the ACC.
  • That Virginia Tech lost to James Madison only hurts Boise State in the human polls, as games against FCS schools are typically not taken into account with computer rankings.  However, Boise State’s only chance is the sympathy vote from human pollsters and the perception of BSU now is that maybe that win over Virginia Tech is not that impressive.  This does not mean Boise State is not a good football team, but the reality is that voters base their opinions on faulty assumptions and logic and they will ignore BSU’s win and focus on VT’s loss.
  • Faulty logic?  Think of the “six degrees” that people like to play with match-ups.  Obviously not every team plays everyone else, so what happens is teams are measured based on common opponents and other game connections.  For example, someone will say that Boise State is better than Texas because the Broncos beat Wyoming by more points than did Texas.  And similar argument could be made with Alabama and Wisconsin based on common opponent San Jose State.  But this comparison fails to take into account specific situations — team philosophies; previous week’s games; injuries; on-field individual match-ups; focus; weather; etc.
  • More faulty logic?  Team A beat Team B, who beat Team C.  So, Team A can beat Team C.  Really?  Let’s play six degrees…Say Iowa State beats Northern Iowa and later Kansas beats Iowa State.  What you will end up with is Iowa State beats Northern Iowa, who beat North Dakota State, who beat Kansas, who beat Iowa State.  A circular argument!  This happens every year where Team A beats Team B, who beats Team C who had beaten Team A.  Then, who is best?
  • In the NFL, Minnesota and Philadelphia are killing themselves long term with their quarterback choices.  Vick might win some games for the Eagles, but he is not going to lead them through the playoffs and to a Super Bowl.  I am not sure anyone anticipated that the Eagles were a Super Bowl team this year.  So why not stick with Kevin Kolb and allow him to gain experience and grow.  if he is really the future then he needs to get the “learning” out of the way.  Vick is likely gone next year so why invest in him?  And Fah-vre returning is a bad move and I thought so from the moment he decided to return.  It is only two games, but he has looked awful in leading the Vikings.  He is also retarding the growth of the team’s best player — Adrian Peterson.  AP needs to be fed the ball more, but Favre is not the type of QB to step aside for the running game.  This is why it needs to be Tavaris Jackson (or whoever the Vikes think is the future QB of the team) starting at QB.  Like Kolb in Philly, give Jackson the reps to grow that also allows for your best player to do what he does best.  Otherwise, the bumps will have to come later and if Kolb or T-Jax turn out to NOT be who they thought they were, they are going to have to search for a new QB.  This will set back both franchises.
  • Even with fantasy football and now NFL Red Zone, I just cannot get into an NFL game like I do the college game.  I like the NFL and appreciate the strategic part of the professional game, but the passion seems greater in college football.  Maybe it has a lot to do with the team that I follow in the NFL — Jacksonville.  Being at one of their games is nothing like going to a college game; hell, I’ve been to high school games with more energy.  Then again, I would imagine that the atmosphere is different for a game in Green Bay (another team I like a lot), Chicago or Philadelphia.
  • Sam Bradford is going to be really good…as long as they can keep him upright and avoid the big injury.
  • Did I mention that Colin Kaepernick is really good?
  • It makes me happy that the Dallas Cowboys are 0-2.  There are several teams in the NFL that I do not like, but Dallas is the one team that I hate.  Although, my all-time favorite moment in professional football was Cowboy DB George Teague tackling then-San Francisco WR Terell Owens after the latter had celebrate a touchdown on the Dallas star (adorning the 50-yard line).  It also makes me happy that Houston is 2-0.
  • Does anyone realize that the Buffalo Bills still exist?  They could go ahead and move to Toronto and no one outside of western New York would notice.
  • Here is a list of NFL teams that the Alabama Crimson Tide could beat right now…………………………
  • Here is a list of CFL teams that the Oregon Ducks could beat right now………
  • Are you a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers?  Well, fuck you!  But thanks for reading.
  • Did you know that the nickname for Presbyterian is “Blue Hose”?  That’s awesome!  Did you also know that the ACC is 2-0 this year versus the Blue Hose?  Let me state it again — the ACC sucks!
  • People like to debate which is better — the NFL or college football.  Simply way to determine this — which would hurt more: no more NFL or no more college football?  I tend to believe the latter would hurt more.  Think about it.
  • Along with preseason polls, I would like to do away with the star-system for high school recruits.  DeMeco Ryans was a three-star recruit (I believe) and he is an outstanding pro player.  The star-system is not a good gauge of how well a player will perform at the college and ultimately the professional level, thus to base how strong a team is on how many five-star recruits they land is a problematic system.  There are teams full of fours and fives that underperform, just like there are teams with twos and threes that overperform.
  • South Carolina will not win the SEC East.
  • The Miami Dolphins will not win the AFC East.
  • Did I write “fuck you” to Vols fans yet?  If so, I’m sorry.  I did not mean to do that.  I actually hope that UT can turn it around under Derek Dooley.  It is more enjoyable to watch Tennessee lose when they are a good team than lose when they are bad.  It is good for the rivalry with Alabama.  Yeah, self-interest.  I know.  I still hate UT, after all.

One thought on “Random Observations from the First Three Weeks of Football

  1. Yes, no college football would hurt more than no NFL.
    The ACC sucks. The Big East really really really sucks. Take away their BCS bid.

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