Uncle Popov’s Slap-Ass College Football Pre-vaganza!

Ed. note: This Pre-vaganza was supposed to run yesterday but we had a problem with the presses here at Uncle Popov Towers. All apologies.

Not exactly a preview. Not particularly extravagant. Hell, its not even all that good. Its an Uncle Popov Pre-vaganza!

Before we get started ——-> Let’s listen to this first. Why? I don’t freaking know.

Hi all, Jubbo here, and most people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder do so in the winter. I don’t. I’m SAD in the summer because its too damn hot, its boring as hell, and there isn’t a decent sport anywhere to be seen. Summer’s OVA bitches. Let’s do this.

So, Uncle Popov and I both graduated from an SEC school so we like college football. Actually, my Uncle also graduated from an ACC school, but we don’t like to talk about that. Well actually he might, but who gives a damn? Speaking of the SEC —–>

– Florida and Alabama will have a sweet ass rematch in Atlanta again this year. Boring prediction? Sure. Like looking into a crystal ball? Yep.
– The Iron Bowl will decide who goes to Atlanta from the West. Alabama will not lose the Iron Bowl this year. Florida’s ticket will be punched long before late November.
– An SEC coach will be fired this year. Or “put family before football” or whatever they decide to say in order to spin it.
– What’s that? Who’s overrated? Auburn and South Carolina. And Ole Miss, with or without Masoli. And underrated you ask? Kentucky
– At any rate, I’ll be watching Kentucky wax Louisville’s ass at the UK bar and then I’ll cab it up furiously to the Alabama bar in time to watch UA play against Northridge High or whoever it is they’re playing to open the season. Say? You don’t care what I’ll be doing on Happy College Football Day? Well who the hell asked you?
– Beer. Bourbon.

But enough about the SEC. Now let’s watch this one. Why? Don’t fucking ask me again.

Let’s now pretend like the rest of the college football landscape matters. Ready? You’d better freaking be.

– Ohio St. Yeah, I actually hope they have to face another SEC team to end the season. They’re cute.
– I hope Boise St. beats Va Tech by 50 and everyone else by 75-100. I really do. I’ll never forget where I was or how exciting that Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma was and you shouldn’t either. Except, I guess, if you’re an Oklahoma fan.
– Speaking of Oklahoma, let’s just not anymore, ok?
– I guess someone will win the Pac-10, right? Who… What? Uh? Oh, you want me to finish. …givesafuck?
– The Big East doesn’t deserve a BCS berth.
– Notre Dame
– Who/what else am I missing? Oh yeah, another sweet vid to bring us home:

Football’s back. I’m happy again. You should be too. I guess…

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