TODAY at Uncle Popov…

Hi all, Jubbo here furiously pecking away deep within Uncle Popov Towers and with so much going on in the big wide world of sport, who can blame me? YOU certainly can’t, that much I do know.

Where to begin? How about with the World Cup? Nah, fuck it. Conference realignment is apparently underway in the NCAA and it is all honestly unbelievable. Someone also won a major sports trophy last night which has made me scared to go out in public. And all joking aside, the inarguably biggest and arguably best sporting event in the world kicks off tomorrow, pitting Mexico and their off-putting national anthem salute against the host country, who I honestly didn’t even know played soccer. And we can always talk about baseball, though I’m honestly about done with it for this season.

And so it will be a (hopefully) very active time around here at Uncle Popov… in the coming weeks. Here are some things I’ll personally be drunkenly ranting about:

– My increasingly negative attitude towards college athletics.
– A look back at entries I was going to write but never got around to. I am, after all, a deadbeat blogger.
– I’m also considering live-blaggin’ a World Cup match or two, blatantly copying The Guardian’s awesome minute-by-minute reports from years past.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. Our aggressive marketing campaign has us with a projected double digit following by 2011.


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