Uncle on Sabbatical

As some of you have noticed, the frequency of posts here has diminished.  Personally, I am shifting focus for the time being to finishing up my research.  Trust me, my head is full of sports thoughts that I would love to share to the tens of you that read — from Tiger to the NFL Draft to the Rays hot start to the collapse of the Capitals — but I must focus my attention elsewhere for the time being.

Of course, our absentee blogger showed up for a couple of decent posts, then went back to hiding in seedy bars and ducking the authorities.  Our newest blogger, Rabbit, has yet to figure out this blogging thing (he promised to wow me with his awesome insight).

So, we will return stronger than ever closer to football season.  There might be a nugget or two here or there, but do not count on it.  For now, peruse the archives.  Or, go to YouTube and watch Mr. T Snickers commercials.



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