Of Deadbeat Bloggers…

Hard at Work

Hi all, Jubbo here. Hope you’re doing well. Actually, I don’t really care how you’re doing, but enough about you.

I, Jubbo the Deadbeat Blogger, promise to blag more in 2010 (well, actually the final 10 months of 2010). I’m excited. I really frickin’ am.

I plan on dropping some MLB previews in the coming weeks. At the same time basketball, which is truly the sport of the Gods, will begin to get serious, so I’ll have plenty to say about that as well. With the turn of the calendar into March, it really is starting to become a great time in the big wide world of sport. Before you know it, I’ll be down at Hawthorne taking in the Illinois Derby, then a month later it’ll be actual DERBY time, not to mention the fact that UK will have won their 8th National Championship, baseball will be in full swing, and it might be above 60 degrees in Chicago. Get some!

For example, I’m going to blag the fuck out of Starlin Castro. Its gonna be great. Not to mention D-Rose. And of course GodWall.

A new day has dawned here at Uncle Popov…



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