ESPN becomes a Mind-Reader; Speaks for Steve Williams

As you have probably noticed, I did not comment on Tiger Woods’ lecture.  To me, it is not sports-related and thus not worth writing about.  I did not even listen to it until the last couple of minutes.  Although I will note that my cable feed was breaking up and it made his reading come off as very robotic.

Nevertheless, since I picked on Yahoo! Sports and their gaffe of having Shaq’s mug appear as Memphis’s logo (I am still digging the Memphis Shaqti), I figured that I can rip on

I visited that site to do the Streak for the Cash (not that I am any good at that or anything; frankly I suck at it).  But a headline in the, well, “Headlines” column caught my attention:

“Tiger’s caddie: Heckling won’t be tolerated”

Here is a screenshot of that headline.

Misleading headline from

Close-up; just in case it is not clear enough for ya!

Now, for some reason it grabbed me (exactly what a good headline is supposed to do, yeah?).  I guess I figured that Steve Williams, Woods’s caddie, would have something idiotic to say, as he usually does.  But here is what he had to say:

“Nothing changes.  . . .  My job is to give him the best information I can and get him around in the fewest possible strokes. And as I have always pointed out, it is to try and give him a level playing field.

I won’t do anything differently. I won’t view him any differently. I will do the utmost best to be as professional as I can.  . . .

There are always going to be people who are going to knock you . . . Being the No. 1 player in the world and being as successful as Tiger has been, there have been people who have knocked him anyway. I am sure there might be a few more, it goes with the territory (Associated Press via

Now, I do not see anywhere in that statement where he says he will not tolerate hecklers.  The headline makes it out as if Williams will personally hunt down hecklers.  However, as the article notes, “Williams has a reputation for not tolerating heckling or unauthorized use of cameras in the galleries when Woods is playing.”  Thanks to Jim Rome, the whine “Not in my swing” quickly comes to mind.

Granted, once you open up the article, the headline reads “Williams firmly in Tiger’s corner.”  Although, the window heading states otherwise: “Steve Williams, caddie for Tiger Woods, says he won’t tolerate hecklers.”  But, nowhere in that article, written by the AP, does demonstrate where Williams says that.  In fact, the article notes he a reputation for not tolerating hecklers previous to Woods’ mishaps.

The point here is that Williams already showed little tolerance for hecklers, yet ESPN makes it out like it is some sort of revelation.  In fact, Williams never even made mention of not tolerating hecklers.  The only thing insinuated is that he [Williams] is standing by Woods.  So why is this news?

And why am I writing about it?

Or better yet, why are you reading this?

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