Hmm, What Happened to the Memphis Grizzlies?

Apparently, Yahoo! Sports thinks that Shaquille O’Neal is more of a team than the Memphis Grizzlies.  Perhaps we should call the team the Memphis Shaqtuses (or, would it be the Shaqti?).

Look! Haddadi is part of the Shaqtuses!

As you can tell from this screen capture from Yahoo! Sports, the Grizzlies’ icon has been replaced with a picture of Shaquille O’Neal.  That is unedited by me and as of 7:52 PM EST on 19 February, it was still that way (UPDATE: Yahoo! finally corrected the issue).  Here is a closer look at it, with a different Memphis player (Marc Gasol).

Unedited image from Yahoo! Sports.

It is this way with each player from the Grizzlies.  To show that Shaq’s face does not appear on any other Grizzlies-related item on Yahoo! Sports, here is the main page for the team.

Memphis's main page on Yahoo! Sports.

And, it appears that this is not occurring for any other team.  Here is O’Neal’s Yahoo! Sports profile:

I'm just a big ol' prankster!

And here is a random pull; Nathan Jawai of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Don't mess with my profile or I'll go Aboriginal on your ass!

UPDATE (11:30 PM EST): I initially checked the box score for the Miami/Memphis game just after it tipped off and sure enough Shaq’s mug popped up.  You would think that after the game went to overtime (double OT, to be exact) that someone would notice.  Apparently not as the Heat blazed past the Shaqtuses in the second OT 100-89…

The Shaqtuses fall at home to the Heat; ironically a former team of the Diesel.

NOTE: click the screen captures for a larger view.


2 thoughts on “Hmm, What Happened to the Memphis Grizzlies?

    • i know. i figured with tonight’s game being over there would be enough people looking at the box score and realizing that something is not right. apparently i was wrong. i am not even sure how long it has been like that…it was like that when i began putting together the Ilgauskas article earlier in the day.

      thanks for stopping by, Josh.

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