Steve Czaban was not that bad, was he?

When I first started to really listen to sports talk radio in Tallahassee, we had already lost ESPN Radio.  All we had was Fox Sports Radio.

In the mornings, however, the local affiliate had some ass named Dan Sileo (syndicated from Orlando, I believe) who seemed to hate the Tampa Bay Rays.  In 2008, he claimed there was no way the Rays would finish ahead of the Yankees and bet that he would wash as many cars as the number of games the Rays finished ahead of New York.  I never know if he stood by his word as that syndication was pulled in August of ’08.

Nevertheless, I did not really listen in the mornings.  But when I started to do so (after Sileo was gone), I heard Steve Czaban.  And I hated “The Czabe.”  He always sounded like an asshole.  He seemed like the know-it-all ass who sits at football games and comments on everything.

Steve Czaban...certainly better than Stephen A. Smith

I mean, look at him!  Don’t you just want to punch him in the face!!!

But, that is what we were stuck with in Tallahassee in the mornings.  And while I usually avoided his show, I would occasionally listen.

When my son changed schools (one that was a further commute), I began listening more simply because there is nothing else worth a damn on the radio in the mornings.  And while he did bore me and aggravate me from time to time, I began to find some entertainment value in his program.  His treatment of fantasy football callers, especially those that asked too many questions, was hilarious.

And, it was because of his constant shilling of Leinenkugel’s that I finally tried the beer.  At first, I grew tired of his “Leinies” pitches.  But, I decided to give the Summer Shandy a shot (which we finally got in Tallahassee after it had ran its seasonal course elsewhere) and damn if it was not a tasty beverage!  As were the other brands of Leinenkugel’s.  So credit to Czaban as if it were not for him I would not have found a good beer (well, I like it…i do not care what you think!).

Yes, I finally came around to “The Czabe.”  He was not the best, but he was not as awful as he first appeared.

So you can imagine my surprise when I turned on the radio yesterday morning and heard…….Stephen A. Smith!?!?  What the hell!!!!!!

The replaced a condescending radio host with an obnoxious one!?  Apparently, FSR feared that Czaban’s show was beginning to sound too much like ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike (a show that I refused to listen to when we had ESPN Radio, nor will I watch the show when they air it on ESPN).  Well, that was Czaban’s response, which the original can be read here.

I listened to Stephen A. Smith for two minutes (seriously) and turned it off.  Garbage!   I’ll wait for Dan Patrick to come on.

Sports talk radio is not that great to begin with.  I like Dan Patrick because he does many interviews, is entertaining, and keeps calls short.  Jim Rome does great interviews, but I usually cut it off when he says “Let’s go to the phones…”  The only time I listen to Rome calls is when he does the annual Smackdown.

But the afternoon guy in Tallahassee goes on and on about Florida State football and basketball, which is understandable but not my interest.  And I cannot stand the Petros and Money show (mainly because of the loud and annoying Petros Papadakis).  I’d rather staple my nuts to the carpet than listen to those ass-clowns!

So this is it.  This is what I am left with…basically Dan Patrick for three hours then Jim Rome minus callers (and if i am really lazy, i do not turn the radio back on after turning it off due to a caller).

Maybe I’ll come around to Stephen A. Smith.  After all, it took some time for me to warm up to Czaban.  In fact, it took a couple of months for me to tolerate Jim Rome.

But really…was Czaban so bad that FSR replaced him with the loud, obnoxious Smith!?  I mean, as The Czabe noted, when he added 80 affiliates since he took over the morning slot with FSR.  He was obviously appealing to someone.

I guess this is why in terms of their own programming, which I do not think Patrick and Rome and directly a part of, Fox Sports Radio is garbage.  From Petros and Money to J.T. the Brick (another loud, annoying host) to even Chris Myers, it is all shit!

So good luck to the Czabe!  While I hated him at first, he did eventually convert me (and my son) into a fan.  He will be missed during the morning drive to my son’s school.

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