Congratulations, Broncos! Now Move Along!!!

Way to go, Boise State!  You just won a hard-fought, defensive battle of unbeatens.  TCU put up a valiant effort, but you were the better team in Glendale on 4 January 2010!  Congratulations!

Now get the fuck out of the way!

That's cute! Now take your golden football and go away!

Yeah, that’s right!  You and your stupid-ass blue turf!  Alabama does not have Crimson turf!  There is no orange turf in Austin for the Longhorns!  The only way you can draw attention to yourselves is by having that eyesore of a field!  Grow-up!

And having to run a fake punt?  Is that all you are good for, Broncos?  Gimmick plays?  You have to pull shit out of your ass to win?  Well, we know this is true because you only scored the earlier touchdown off of an interception.  You were dead in the water when you pulled off that Pop Warner crap!

You know that garbage could only work on a Mountain West school!  Apparently TCU does not have video equipment to watch film because otherwise they would have seen that play coming!  I mean, no one was on Efaw!  An SEC team would have seen that coming and trucked that dumbass!

Hell, with the awesome speed of the SEC, they could have rushed the punter, realized it was a fake, had time to recover, and back-peddle to Efaw to intercept the ball.  Shoot, then he would do backflips all the way to the end zone!  Take your Mickey Mouse team elsewhere!

And if Boise State is so awesome, why did they only beat a sorry Mountain West team by seven.  Alabama would have been up by seven in the first minute!  Texas would have the cheerleaders in by halftime!!

I heard on the Dan Patrick Show that bookmakers would have made both Alabama and Texas clear favorites against Boise State.  And you know the bookies never get it wrong!  Both teams would have destroyed the Broncos!  Nevermind that TCU was an eight-point favorite.  They are TCU; not Alabama!  The Horned Frogs do not matter!!!

So you are undefeated, are you Boise?  Big freaking deal!  My son’s Pee Wee team was undefeated; no one is claiming they are the national champions!  Actually, my son’s team could probably beat Boise State!  So, suck it!!!

No one said that you deserve a shot at the title.  Maybe TCU had as good a claim as Texas.  But only just as good.  No one in their right mind really thinks TCU deserved a BCS title shot!  Some may tease the Frogs by suggesting as much, but come on.  TCU lost to Boise…a team from the friggin’ WAC!?  At least Cincinnati could say their only loss was to a mighty SEC team — Florida.

Yes, I wrote here and on Bleacher Report that the system was messed up due to the conference, but did you really believe that!?  It appeared on a blog!!!!!!  Are you really going to believe something you read on a blog called “Uncle Popov’s Drunken Sports Rant”?

And do not start with this playoff shit!  If playoffs were so awesome, the FBS would have done that a long time ago.  You would think that those controlling the FBS would know what is best for big time college football.  And besides, you would not want a playoff cutting into finals or being stretched out over the winter break!  You cannot simply push back the playoffs.  Fortunately, the BCS knows what they are doing by creating a month-long layoff and having the title game at the beginning of the Spring semester — y’know, when no one is attending class anyway!

Furthermore, in a playoff, some “lower” seed could win.  Then, how can we call that sorry-ass team the champion!?  Plus, you might have to include a Sun Belt team.  Shit…anything but Troy!!!!  If something wacky happens, you could end up with two undeserving teams playing for the title rather than the two best teams.  Where is the legitimacy in that!?

Now this is how to decide a champion!!!

But the BCS knows where it is at.  Corporate America knows what is best for college kids.  I mean, why else would they sponsor the BCS.  FedExTostitosAllstateCiti.  They are looking out for the best interests of our young people!!!

Man, I do hate Boise State.  Trying to pretend they are something special!

Move along, Broncos!  You had your cute moment by winning the Fiesta Bowl.  Now go away!  No one wants to see a championship game between a team from a blue field and another one named after a frog that shoots blood from its eyes!

It is time for the real teams to play, teams with history and a following…a following that will bring in lots of money!  And when they do play on Thursday, it will be in a money-driven contest where the two participants were arbitrarily chosen based on conference biases and blind tradition…the way it was meant to be!  Oh, and sponsored by Citi, of course!


3 thoughts on “Congratulations, Broncos! Now Move Along!!!

    • hahaha! did you even read the article thoroughly? did you notice the “sarcasm” tag it was given? probably not because had it read it, you would realize that it was basically a collection of (paraphrased) statements made by those who tend to diminish the accomplishments of teams like Boise State and TCU and Utah (as well as the teams themselves). apparently that was lost on you.

      furthermore, if you follow this blog (and it is obvious that you do not) you would have remembered that i wrote extensively about the injustice of leaving out teams like TCU and Boise.

      but hell, what do i know? i am just a “sorry excuse for a human being.” at least you capitalized “You”…i like the deification.

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