(Drunken) Tiger Style?

YEAH! We're going to Perkins!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!

We at Uncle Popov do not get into drama and tabloid bullshit.  But the Eldrick Woods nonsense is worth noting.  The more that comes out the more bizarre the entire situation seems.  I mean, he is now allegedly boinking a waitress from Perkins?  What is this, an LL Cool J song?  And now paramedics were called to his home early this morning!?!?  What the hell, Tiger?

Look.  We’ll keep it to sports.  Tiger is still going to be viewed as one of the best (if not the best) golfers of all time.  What he does on the course is tremendous, even if we are not Tiger fans (even before these “transgressions”).  What happens off the course damages his “image,” but is for concern for those who care about morals.  It does not change his on the course legacy.

Let’s put it this way.  Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth are considered two of the top baseball players of all time.  But the Georgia Peach was rotten, due to dirty play and alleged racism.  The Great Bambino was an alcoholic (which probably led to his death) and a womanizer.  But that was rarely publicized during their times because of how the media worked then.  Now, with so many media outlets and the 24/7 news cycle, it is impossible to take extra packets of ketchup at McDonald’s without getting scrutinized.

The off-the-field issues of Cobb and Ruth, even viewed today, do not take away from their accomplishments on the field.  The same should apply to Woods, regardless of the different mediascape of today.  On the course, he is/was as dominant as anyone to play golf.  Off the course, apparently he is a dumbass (where did that Stanford education go?).

For more on the off-the-course garbage, see this article by our friends at El Mao’s Path of Wrong Speech.  It focuses more on Tiger, his marriage, and the media.  And, speaks to what we think of Tiger and Elin’s marriage — that it is, and always has been, a front…a show.


2 thoughts on “(Drunken) Tiger Style?

  1. Tiger is just living the American dream. If he were in the mob these girls would be called gumbas and they would know not to tell anyone about Tiger giving it to them doggie style in the back of his pimped out golf cart. Just look at any of the great mafia movies, those bitches kept their mouths shut or they or they ended up taking a ride in a Cadalic with a guy named Paulie. The one thing we learned from all of this is that Tiger is the most focused golfer of all time. Imagine walking up the 18th fairway at Agusta, needing a birdy to win a major and at the same time wondering if the random bitch you just banged has a s.t.d.,if she is pregnant, or if she is going to blackmail you. Ahh…the American dream. Rich, Famous, and hoes in different area codes.


  2. ironically, someone on the Jim Rome Show today invoked The Sopranos. in this case, taking the fact that Tony’s wife knew he was cheating, but it was not until he started rubbing it in her face that she took issue with it. perhaps the same played out with Eldrick. Elin knew Tiger was getting with other Tigresses, but maybe it got to be too much.

    but i agree…nothing screams the American Dream like banging the waitress at Perkins!

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