College Football Routinely Gets it Wrong.

My dear Uncle brought up the problem and didn’t expand on it: that college football has part time refs making $500 a game. Aren’t we passed that now? We got rid of leather helmets didn’t we? The SEC, as an institution, is shameful. This is just one example. A conference that, while generating millions of dollars in revenue, employs part time referees and pays them essentially cab fare/bar money for the rest of the weekend. And we get what they pay for:

We're awful.

3 thoughts on “College Football Routinely Gets it Wrong.

  1. Jubbo here. This comment comes on the heels of today’s announcement that the SEC doesn’t use HD monitors for its replays. I’m not linking it, as we all have access to the internet. Google it for yourself. Also, The Birmingham News wrote today that the SEC spent $737,904 for all sports officiating, which is a mere fraction of the $153,967,658 the conference tallied in total expenses. I will link that. What an absolute joke.

  2. wow! follow-up reporting from Jubbo. if we had a budget, maybe Uncle Popov would pay for you to travel to Birmingham and investigate this further.

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