MLB predictions



Jubbo here, reporting from a frigid Chicago where Opening Day on the Southside looks to be in doubt. I don’t want to go outside so I’m going to tell you how the baseball season is going to play out. Because I absolutely nailed my predictions last time around. Ready? Go!

First the National League, because I like it better:

In the East, surely New York will do it this year. I mean, right? They can’t be on the outside looking again, can they? I like the Met’s offense and their pitching should hold up fairly well in what is admittedly the toughest division in the NL. I like Philly to obviously be up there as well and maybe the Bravos made enough moves to belong in the discussion as well. I doubt it though.

What to say about the Central? Its by all accounts Chicago’s to have but I have to say I just don’t see it. Of course their starting rotation is the best in the NL but their bats worry me. I hate Derrek Lee. Guy was washed up a year and a half ago and he will hit into no less than 350 double plays this year. You can mark that down. Milton Bradley will get hurt and Kosuke Fukudome will be even more of a flop this time around than he was last year. Can you be a flop two years in a row? Enough on the Northsiders. I’m interested to see how St. Louis fares this year. Always hanging around, the Cardinals. Do they sneak up and take the division? I’m not going to talk about Milwaukee. D-U-N. Houston might finish third.

The West is boring. Will it even be competitive? (No) I’m one of (I think) a few that feels as if San Francisco will be shockingly improved.

So, East: New York Mets
Central: St. Louis Cardinals
West: LA Manny’sDodgers. (Sorry ed.)
WC Discussion: Chicago, Philly, Atlanta and (gasp) San Francisco

Now for the American League, which sucks:

The East will once again be fairly exciting, surely. Obviously its Beantown, NY and Tampa all in the discussion. Will Tampa build off its incredible run last year? Will the Yankee’s bloated payroll mesh and purchase them yet another pennant? Will I ever spend a day in public in which I *DON’T* see a Red Sox hat?

Arguably my favorite division in baseball, the Central seemingly brings it every year. Minnesota is a case study on how to run a baseball team. Kansas City is not. Will Detroit do what they should have done last year (win)? hint: no. Is Cleveland the best team in the division? Will the White Sox be relevant? Will Kansas City finally be relegated to Triple A?

Is the AL West the most worthless grouping of teams in all of professional sports? Discuss.

So, East: Boston Red Sox
Central: Cleveland Indians
West: That other LA team
WC Discussion: New York, Tampa, Minnesota

And there we have it. Summer’s coming I guess. At least I’ll tell myself that as I trudge through the snow tomorrow.


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