I Stand Corrected [Owens to the Bills]

Well, one of the teams that I had randomly chosen as a place that T.O. would not go ended up being his destination.  Granted, as the news developed throughout the day on Thursday, it became apparent that most teams were not interested in Owens.  While the Raiders, the Patriots and the 49ers seemed to be the only teams that were interested, Buffalo stepped up and took the chance.

Owens chooses the Bills over the Finnish team Seinajoki Crocodiles of the European Football League.

T.O.'s other choice was the Seinajoki Crocodiles of the European Football League.

It is a one year deal and I do not think that it will go beyond that in Buffalo/Toronto.  But if the trend holds up, it could work out very well for both the Bills and for T.O.  For Buffalo, they get a receiver who can still play the position at a top level.  He will take pressure off of Lee Evans and Marshawn Lynch and while he is likely to add some pressure to quarterback Trent Edwards (feeling compelled to get Owens the ball), T.O. will also help open up the field and become a big target to go to.  Considering that Owens tends to play nice for the first season, it could mean a good season in Buffalo.  For Owens, it is a chance to redeem himself, if possible.  He shows not only that he can get along with others [at least for one season], but also prove he can still be an elite wideout.

On the other hand, he can end up being a cancer again and ruining an improving Bills squad.  He could stunt Edwards’ progression as a quarterback by demanding the ball more and criticizing him as he has done with Garcia, McNabb and Romo.  He could also disrupt Evans’ development as he is becoming an elite wide receiver himself.  And instead of Buffalo moving forward in the 2009 season, Owens could cause the Bills to regress.

I am somewhat disappointed because I have started to like the Bills.  But I do think that if it is indeed a one-and-done situation, I think Owens will play nice and been a benefit to the Bills.  I am sure that Buffalo is not where he really wants to be, so Owens will approach this as an audition of sorts.  So he will step up his game and the Bills and T.O. will both benefit in the end.

At least, I hope.

[big ups to the New York Times for the picture].

2 thoughts on “I Stand Corrected [Owens to the Bills]

  1. On paper, with Lynch running and Evans on one side of the field opposite TO… I don’t know. It at least looks promising. I know, essentially, nothing about the Bills currently (their O-line, entire D, etc.) but Edwards has already proven he can fling the ball around the field. Add (I think?) Roscoe Parrish slanting over the middle after Lynch and Evans/Owens have softened everything up and it might work.

    It won’t though.

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