See Ya, Punk! [T.O. cut!!!]

Teague did to T.O. what the Cowboys should have done long ago.

Teague did to T.O. what the Cowboys should have done long ago.

“Absolutely speechless.”

That is what Stephen A. Smith is reporting on the fact that the Dallas Cowboys finally cut away its parasite — Terrell Owens.  Somewhere, George Teague is smiling.

It is about time but it should not be surprising to T.O.  Could he not see the writing on the wall!?  Owens is a tremendously talented player.  He will obviously land somewhere.  That is a given and the overstatement of the decade.  He is not in the same boat as Barry Bonds.  However, he is essentially a cancer to any locker room.  It is not some hate for Owens, but a trend based on his stays with the 49ers, Eagles and now the Cowboys.  A path of destruction has been laid wherever Owens has played.

He will obviously want to play with an “elite” quarterback.  So he will not be going to a team like Miami or Minnesota or St. Louis or Buffalo.  And while he would certainly love to be in a place like New England [Brady and Moss and Owens would be interesting and potentially dominant], I am not sure that Brady or the “Hoodie” would stand for T.O.’s antics [and not enough passes to go around — T.O. would end up hating Wes Welker like he did with Jason Whitten].

A team that would make since is Kansas City, but I doubt it (not an “elite” QB).  BUT, if Cassel can replicate his performance from last season, then a Cassel-Owens combo would be similar to Cassel-Moss from last year.  And with a young team, T.O. would be a centerpiece even with Tony Gonzalez and Dwayne Bowe.  And it could be a surprise in the AFC West.  At least for a season…then he would whine and bitch and moan and become the cancer that he is.

Jerry Jones might have pulled a “Nick Saban” by stating that Owens was going to be a Cowboy.  But Owens was wrestling with the decision that seemed obvious to everyone else.  No matter how talented Terrell Owens is, he is not worth the drama and problems associated with what he brings.  The NFL is more than just 60 minutes on Sunday [or Monday], and what happens off the field DOES affect what happens on the field.  And no matter what numbers he put up on the field, the off-the-field garbage doomed Owens.

LINK: Teague Defends the Star


One thought on “See Ya, Punk! [T.O. cut!!!]

  1. Amen and Halleluja! What is it with the Cowboys and rediculously destructive egos? Well I guess it starts with Jerry Jones. I don’t know if the cutting of T.O. is more an indictment of T.O. or a testament to how poorly Jerry Jones puts together a team. Starting with ditching Jimmy Johnson, Jerry Jones has proceeded to build teams around egos as big as his. Signing an aging “Neon Dion”, then MeShawn Johnson (the most over hyped tight end in nfl history, and originator of the “how to be a d-bag and make millions doing it” concept), T.O., then the pacma…ahem…Adam Jones debacle. I have an idea as to who might sign T.O., how about Jerry Jones Jr., an owner as adept at overpaying for bad apples, obsessed with soap stars, and as big an idiot at assessing talent as Jones himself…Daniel Snyder.

    P.S. – I would be curious to know how uncle popov feels about calling something a world baseball CLASSIC in just its second go-around…especially if Japan and Cuba face off for the title again, and you know they will.

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