A-Rod’s Hidden Statement? Plus, being “young” and “sorry”

I am young and stupid. Oh, and naive.

I like that. That is a nice excuse. Well, for a ten year old.

But how is it that “youth” has now become an excuse for mistakes that people make? First Michael Phelps blamed his youth and stupidity for getting high as a kite [not the first time he used that excuse]. Now, Alex Rodriguez has used the exact same excuse. The problem is that we are talking about when A-Rod was 25!!!!!! How can you use “being young” at the age of 25?! An 18-year old on trial for killing a family just for the hell of it has a better chance of using “being young and not knowing what I was doing” than does A-Rod or Michael Phelps. It is ridiculous to use such an argument considering that (A) A-Rod had been in the Majors for quite some time at the point he started using; and (B) he is smart enough to know what he was doing since he was able to land a record contract. This latter was his other argument — that he did not go to college. Huh? Again, our hypothetical killer could make the same argument — his lack of education caused him to kill for the thrill.

I wish the A-Rod stuff would go away, but in light of the news that developed yesterday it seems that will not be the case. But the news that did come to light does take me back to his read statement, and even back to the Peter Gammons interview. It is hard to believe that A-Rod only took this stuff from 2001 until 2003. If I am not mistaken, the positive test occurred only in 2003. Admitting that he also took in 2002 and 2001 is a nice gesture, but I would argue that he admitted that much simply to make it appear that he was telling the whole story. In other words, by appearing to state, “yes, I took it prior to 2003 and am coming completely clean” that he would get people to back off and believe that what he said is everything. Even when he made those statements I thought that there was more to it. And given what surfaced today, perhaps there is more to it, including being fully aware of what he was doing, using this “cousin” as a willing scapegoat, and using beyond 2003.

Alex Rodriguez is not “sorry” for taking Primobolan; he is sorry for getting caught.  People have noted that if he did not think it was wrong to take it, why did he have to go to the Dominican Republic to get it.  But that overlooks the fact that he was also very quiet about it…allegedly taking boli by himself (or with his cousin) and “not know what [he] was doing.”  And, if he thought it was not wrong, why did he not mention it to anyone UNTIL he was caught and the positive test was leaked (albeit the leaking of the test results was likely illegal).  Again, he is only sorry for getting caught!

The sad thing is that despite A-Rod being a Yankee (and fleeing the Mariners years back), I have always respected him as a player and thought he received far too much criticism (but understandable considering the NY media). I had hoped that he would continue being a model for young baseball players to look up to and show that hard work does pay off. I had believed that it was all his natural talent and determination. I was looking forward to the day he passed Bonds in the North American career home run list. But now it is hard to look at him in the same way. He is still a talented player, but it now appears that he is also a tainted player as well.


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